Company Profile


A Brief Background

Planters Products, Inc. was established in 1963 as one of the leading Filipino Agricultural Chemical Company. In 1970, it was purchased by the Sugar Producers Cooperative Marketing Association - the country's largest cooperative of sugar planters, and was renamed Planters Products, Incorporated.

The main business of Planters Products, Inc, is the manufacturing, production, trading and marketing of agro-chemical products. At present, the company has twelve (12) brands of crop protection chemicals consisting of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, molluscicides and termiticides.

PPI's agricultural products are sold throughout the archipelago through a mega network of more than 1000 distributors, dealers, outlets and special accounts nationwide.

In March 5, 2007, the Company entered a joint-venture agreement (JVA) with Grand Asia Capital Corporation (GACC) for the development of PPI's Limay properties. The joint-venture required PPI to transfer its properties in Limay, Bataan and GACC to develop and operate said properties into a multi-use industrial park under 60/40 venture in favor of GACC.

Also, a lease contract was entered last April 23, 2007 for the new site of PPI's Formulating Plant. The new plant is relocated at Carmelray Industrial Park, Laguna.

The company also entered a joint-venture with CDC Holdings on July 16, 2007 to develop its Sta. Ana property into clusters of mid-rise residential condominiums called "The Manila River City".

It also entered a partnership with Advanta Seeds International in the distribution of hybrid corn seeds.