PPI Launches Its Hybrid Corn Seeds in the Philippines
Sunday, October 10, 2010

In 2009, Advanta Seeds International appointed Planters Products, Inc. (PPI) as its exclusive Distributor of Hybrid Corn Seeds in the Philippines. It started with the objective of helping the Filipino farmer in its quest to improve its economic condition by way of providing high yielding corn varieties at an affordable price.

By September 2010, Planters Products created a new business group aside from its Crop Protection to handle the commercialization of its Hybrid Corn Seeds, thus, the Seeds Division was born headed by Mr. Mark B. Costes who was formerly the Marketing Manager of PPI.

In October 2010, PPI formally announced its presence in the market by joining the 7th National Corn Congress held in Isabela with over 2,000 registered participants from all over the country.

Even as a new player with a new name in the market, Advanta brand sparked curiosity among the corn farmers which resulted to higher incidence of booth visits by participants comparable to the established giants.

The Advanta Hybrid Corn Seed varieties that are presently in the market are the PAC 999, PAC 224, and PAC 555 which are all high yielding and tolerant to low rainfall condition.

The high yielding feature of the corn varieties are derived from having "full tip" or cob with kernel up to the tip, small cob diameter, and long and flat kernels. With long and flat kernels, average rows ranges from 14 to 18 and an unprecedented shelling recovery minimum of 80%.

With the successful entry of the 3 Hybrid Corn Seeds in the Philippine market, PPI is pursuing to introduce new Hybrid Corn varieties, vegetable, and rice seeds.