PPI Goes 5S
Friday, January 16, 2009

A training-seminar on the principles of Good Housekeeping was conducted by productivity experts from the Center for Industrial Competitiveness of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for the employees of Planters Products. The training was held on November 27 and December 3, 2008 in PPI-Makati while a separate training was conducted for Laguna-based employees on January 15, 2009.

5S is a productivity concept originating from Japanese manufacturing companies which aims to increase productivity by minimizing unnecessary costs and simplifying work processes. 5S is a systematized approach to organizing work areas through a set of standards based on the above concepts.

Workplace organization is the physical arrangement of both individual and common spaces where unnecessary things are disposed and everything is in its designated places. Work simplification, on the other hand, is the elimination of redundant steps in office systems and processes.

5S stands for: 1) Seiri or Sort; 2) Seiton or Systematize; 3) Seiso or Sweep and Shine; 4) Seiketsu or Standardize, and; 5) Shitsuke or Sustain and Self-discipline.

The training necessitated the formation of a 5S Steering Committee with representatives from the different Departments. The 5S Steering Committee is responsible for setting standards and the creation of guidelines for implementing Good Housekeeping practices.

A series of Audits are being conducted to see if the standards are adhered to and met by all employees and activities are being developed to maintain the enthusiasm of people towards 5S and in upholding productivity standards in the workplace.

Committed to professional excellence, the Company shall utilize 5S and other productivity tools to achieve world-class management and to provide total customer satisfaction. Through 5S, it is highly expected that employees, Departments and the Company will be able to increase productivity levels, reduce costs, and cultivate an environment of efficiency and effectiveness.