PPI is ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Friday, August 07, 2009

PLANTERS PRODUCTS, INC. (PPI) conquered its quality journey as the country's newest crop protection company to be ISO 9001:2008 certified (Quality Management System, QMS). At the company's General Assembly on August 7, PPI received from Certification International Philippines, Inc. (CIPI) its much coveted ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for having complied with internationally accepted quality management system standards.

The plan of getting "quality pesticides through its development, manufacture, and repacking" document for PPI was already enunciated by President and CEO Ramon B. Santos during the Business Planning last November 2008 and became a top priority project going into the 2009-2010 operations.

The QMS organization was put in place. Under President and CEO Santos as Head of the Steering Committee were Ms. Ethyl Ruth V. Ramirez (Quality Management Representative or QMR), Mr. Rande T. Badana (Internal Quality Auditor), Ms. Nannette P. Lee (Document Control Custodian), and the Management Committee (Training Committee). Following months of orientation, information dissemination, planning-doing-checking-acting (PDCA) exercises and related activities, PPI successfully cleared the obstacles and ardently kept their focus on implementing it. Finally, the initial PPI Quality Policy and its aligned Corporate Quality Objectives rolled-out in January 5, 2009.

Each member of the PPI family accepted the challenge and stepped-up to the rigors of certification, and the rest is history. CIPI gave the PPI QMS passing marks after the June 2009 documentary and July 2009 site visits, recommending certification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

In mounting its QMS, the entire PPI community learned, and continues to learn, that a lot more needs to be done in the areas of customer/client satisfaction, compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements, continual improvement in quality crop protection products through service, training and research, developing/enhancing staff competency, and ensuring a safe work environment. In the end, PPI did not only get ISO 9001-certified, it earned the latest 2008 version.