Agrisexy: Millennial Farmer Cherrie Atilano Is The New Face Of Agriculture

(The Issue 286 Cover of our very own Greenfields Magazine features Cherrie Atilano, UN Ambassador for Nutrition)

To level up Philippine agriculture, the sector must have a prominent figure whose life story and achievements can truly inspire more young people to take up farming. And from the ranks of the millenials, Cherrie D. Atilano has more than enough credentials to lead the exodus of the youth into the agriculture sector.

For one, Atilano was appointed last September by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres to be a high-level ambassador of the UN Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement.

Also, the most popular line people that love to hear from Atilano is: “Let’s make farming sexy.” That is what she has been doing on a wider scale after founding Agrea Agricultural Systems International Inc., a Marinduque-based social enterprise that aims to uplift the social and economic standing of poor farmers and fisherfolk, resulting in poverty reduction.

As UN Ambassador for Nutrition, Atilano is tasked to support 60 member-countries to scale up nutrition. “I make my commitment to secure nutrition by securing food sufficiency and security. Always make farming sexy by mentoring a lot of young people to venture in agriculture, empower women in agriculture to make sure proper nutrition starts from home, work on multi-stakeholder partnerships on making sure nutrition will be a serious business to lower stunted growth and boost our human capital productivity, and invest in impactful agri-foods,” Atilano said in a statement after her appointment as UN Ambassador. She will hold that position until 2021.

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