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Contributions to Agriculture

In 1972, the Government launched a massive food production program, which included Masagana 99, enabling the Philippines to achieve self-sufficiency in rice for the first time. For ten years, Planters Products, Inc., supplied 70% of the fertilizer requirement of the whole country. During that period, the Company owned and operated a fertilizer plant with a production capacity of 220,000 MT and sold an annual average of 490,340 MT of various fertilizer grades including NP/NPK, urea, ammonium sulfate and muriate of potash.

More importantly, Planters Products, Inc., played a leading role in the transfer of modern agricultural technology to farmers. The Company introduced Filipino farmers to the efficient and economical use of fertilizers. Its modern, fully equipped soil laboratories conducted several free analysis on samples provided by farmers and plantation managers. Based on the results, the laboratory personnel made their recommendations regarding the proper kind and volume of fertilizer that should be applied.