corporate social responsibilities


1. The farmer-borrower must submit all required documents to the authorized Field Specialist (FS) in coordination with the leader/representative of the group he is under.

2. All submitted documents shall be evaluated by the FS.

3. The FS, upon ensuring that the necessary requirements are authentic and all requirements are met, shall forward the documents to the Project Coordinator.

4. The Project Coordinator (PC) shall evaluate the documents submitted and will endorse it to the Head of Special Projects for final evaluation and approval. If the requirements are not met based on approved criteria, it will be further endorsed to the management committee for discussion and final approval based on the merit of the project in the specific area.

5. Once approved, the PC shall deliver all farm inputs to farmer-borrower in coordination with the FS and Farmer Leader/Representative. The farmer-borrower must acknowledge the farm inputs delivered by affixing his signature on the List of Allocated Agricultural Inputs (for Rice Farming) Form.