corporate social responsibilities

Scholarship Renewal

Grantee shall continue the scholarship until she has completed her/his degree program, subject to the following conditions:

1. S/he shall enroll in the semester immediately following the approval of her/his application.

2. S/he carries the maximum load prescribed for each semester by his degree program for a valid reason.

3. Must maintain a general weighted average of 85% or its equivalent in the college grading system at the end of each semester.

4. S/he shall not drop a subject, change her/his degree program or transfer to another school without prior notice to the scholarship committee.

5. S/he must not have a grade of 5 or 4 or incomplete in any subject per semester.

6. Any grade of 4 or incomplete must be settled immediately prior to the next registration period.

7. Grantee must not be subject to a disciplinary action-carrying penalty of more than one month suspension.

8. Any misrepresentation, serious or otherwise, falsification or alteration of documents, and concealment of necessary information committed in the course of applying for the scholarship shall automatically be disqualified for scholarship.