Supporting Secretary William Dar’s Advocacy

PPI is proud to be the first private company that fully and openly supports Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary William Dar’s advocacy on uplifting and elevating the Philippine agricultural sector, particularly in making it more resilient and food secure. PPI is happy to align its goals with those of Secretary Dar, aiming for a future where farmers, fisherfolk, and all those who work in the agricultural sector (like agripreneurs), are able to become more prosperous in their livelihoods.

Included as part of these goals are creating safety nets for farmers in need to help them find financial and economic stability in their industry, establishing “agri-industrial business corridors” (ABCs), and the introduction and implementation of “Agriculture 4.0”, meaning enabling the usage of smart farming technologies. PPI has also partnered with KADIWA as part of this movement, which has also been working on transitioning their image alongside PPI.